erotic means: A term used to refer to a specific genre of movies, books, or games. People call it “research”, which they are able to do in private, suggestive ways. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylee Sweeney)

What else does erotic mean?

  • It’s as if heaven is rising when you experience that feeling. This is something you will want to experience every day and it’s something you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It will cause your dick to harden and your vagina to become moist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Gay)
  • A sexually stimulating, sensuous thing. Pornography and erotica are very different. Erotica tends to have a more romantic and fine art-like quality, while pornography can be seen as degrading and crass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sincere Doyle)
  • Sexually stimulating, often in pornography or erotica. (in Community Dictionary, added by Diamond Friedman)
  • Arousing, tending, or relating to sexual desire. (in AZ Dictionary)