Eraser means: You are free from doubt A little too modest It is important to shout it loud Okay All fahkin voyces in my brain can be erased You can return a piece of a loss. You better believe that I sang the song on that chune We will both be the two to receive her first of June In no time, you’ll feel my love Fly fine with my feathered Dove in. no. time. You will be my one We will grow pines among oaks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omari Mcclain)

What else does Eraser mean?

  • If you want to offer food to a friend in class, say, “does your friend need an eraser?” The teacher will assume you’re just offering your friend an eraser. But, you really are giving them hot flamins and mini peperronis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eliza Rollins)
  • An example of a graphite-smearing, paper-tearing nub. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hana Stein)
  • A tool that erases marks, especially if it is an instrument, like a rubber piece or pad of felt. (in AZ Dictionary)