Elif means: She believes in learning by doing. However, sometimes it can take a while to decide. Elif is honest, beautiful and curious. Elif loves to help others. She is a caring person with a strong artistic side. Elif is one rare person who experiences love. Elif is also romantic and loves passion. Elif loves her freedom very much and will not cross the lines she’s set. She loves life. Elif sees events through a different lens and can evaluate and assess different aspects. Elif is unaffected by objectivity. Elif is inseparable from objectivity. Elif is very kind. Elif is a conversationalist and is open to all kinds of ideas. Elif will be one of your most beautiful, supportive friend.Get ready for the mystery ride with Elif and rediscover the world with more passion,love,understanding. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gardyloo)

What else does Elif mean?

  • A sweet, nice looking girl. Elif has bright brown eyes, long dark brown hair and lots of curls. Elif is very friendly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bryce Norton)
  • Elif, a Turkish girl is an undercover freak. She loves flirting with men and will often snap at you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mila Griffin)
  • Elif is very popular in Turkey. Elif can be translated into Greek or Arabic as the first alphabet. Elif is the first alphabet in Greek and Arabic. Elif’s sassy personality can cause nerves, but you may be lucky enough to get the chance to win the lottery if you are close friends with one. Elif can sometimes be very immature. She enjoys going on trips with her boyfriend and kissing him. It is difficult for her to cope with the success, luck, and jealousy. She is happy when people buy her gifts. Her beauty is admirable. She is also a bit spontaneous. She is a chocolate lover who can be naughty, but she’s also sweet and adorable. She is funny, intelligent, and beautiful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rachael Allen)
  • Elif is the most loving, kind person you’ll ever meet. Elif will always be there for you, understanding your needs and being loyal to you no matter what. She is your best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by London Gentry)
  • Elif is a smart, articulate and intelligent woman. It is Hebrew for will of God. A very common name for a Turkish girl. It is also the Alpha in Greek. Although she may seem nice, you can’t help but feel guilty if they don’t like your company. You have to cope with the success, good fortune and jealousy that come with it. The majority of Elifs get what they desire. (in Community Dictionary, added by Daniel Gallardo)
  • She is a true queen and the epitome of beauty. Although she is very shy, she has a sassy personality and vibrant personality. Elif will never let you down and she’ll always support you, no matter what. Elif is your best friend when you are in love. Don’t lose sight of her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amaro Prieto)