Egotistical means: This means that you are self-centered, intelligent, superior to everyone else, arrogant and selfish. You think that you’re hotter and smarter than the rest. You believe you are the best at all things and you can’t be wrong. You only know you are perfect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Javier Compton)

What else does Egotistical mean?

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  • A person who believes they are the best, and is always right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Banjolin)
  • One person who is so consumed with their ego that they see the entire world in distorted ways. These people may view themselves as “God’s Gift for Women ” or just plain sick. 2. A person who’s ego is greater than his intelligence or his ability to see past his personal needs. 3. A self-absorbed, savage waste of oxygen that expects us all to bow at their feet as if we were the unwashed masses that they consider us. 4. Someone who speaks only to have their opinion heard, because nobody else is listening Five being an egoist is to love, respect and admire yourself more than anyone else in this world. When you think simply, you are the best. In simpler words, your egoist is when you feel sorry for someone simply because you don’t love them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vomitory)