efro means: Earjacking farticle rimjobing ooze Earjacking is the act of jacking someone’s ears. Farticles are microscopic airborne particles made of fecal matter, which are expelled by anus in a fart. Rimjob is the act of stimulating external anal sphincter by orally stimulating it to induce sexual arousal Ooze: Another name for STDs. It is mainly used to describe the type that pushes out puss during breakouts or other bad shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslene Hood)

What else does efro mean?

  • One-man goreporn band, formed from Cambridge in Ontario. The band claims to have a peaceful message, despite the heavy music. All of the songs deal with extreme sexual activity like fetish playing and heavy use of drugs. Similar artists: Cumgun, Cumgun and Cock and Ball Torture. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leticia Wong)
  • An acronym for Erotic Female Relieving and Observerance. This is a very popular fetish that involves watching women fart, pee, and poop. However, it’s not done in a too hardcore manner. For the best example of an EFRO website, visit www.joyangeles.com (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyler Montes)