educated idiot means: The Educated Idiot Does everything in their power to obtain money – Money Wars, – No Remorse for People. – Ultra Egos: Lie – Refuses to Tell the Truth. – They are responsible for the Bank Account rising and for the debt they owe the Working Class Taxpayers. The Educated Idiot is a Polittician or University Child who believes they are more educated than others. The Educated Idiot is Rich Off Tax and Manipulates People to Believe They are Hero’s. The cause of all crime is the Educated Idiot – Educated Lyings – educated Rumours. Educated Snobs. The cause of all crime is Stress from Money Situations. Manipulating people for money. Grab everything you can. Text Book Idiot: Makes an educated idiot by convincing them to believe what they are reading in the text. TXTBOOK IDIOTS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Greyson Page)

What else does educated idiot mean?

  • An individual who is highly educated but lacks common sense and the ability to understand what most people don’t get. Examples of the behavior of an educated idiot: 1. The educated idiot is often treated with a double standard. They think they are above the rules. 2. They lack the moral compass to show how they should treat others, and wonder why no one likes them. 3. Because they are educated, they believe they can be superior to those without the means. The educated idiot can feel like an idiot because they have a high-priced education. 4. They brag about their college education as if everyone should be impressed. The educated idiot cannot understand why those people don’t seem impressed. 5. They don’t treat their spouses or coworkers with respect. It can lead to affairs and lost friendships. However, the educated idiot is unable to understand why. Education is not a way to get a job or a good relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Henry)
  • A person who is smarter coming out of college than going in. Indoctrinated by liberal collegeacademia so that they can only comprehend and accept one set of ideals. If such person lacks family values and a belief system that is morally sound, they are easy to manipulate. Emotion is more important than logic or reason. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fisher Jacobson)
  • A person who went to college but thinks they are smarter than rocks is called an Educated Idiot. Although they think they are smart, the Educated Idiot is a fool. It is difficult for them to dress, drive a car or eat. Parents are the only ones who are proud of their Educated Idiot kids, mainly because they themselves are Educated Idiots. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Hubbard)