Ecophobia means: Fear of living in or near a home. (in Community Dictionary, added by Michael Kaufman)

What else does Ecophobia mean?

  • Fear of environmental phenomenon and climate change, more precisely, the “feeling of powerlessness to stop cataclysmic changes in environmental conditions”. A person who is ecophobic will likely feel anxious or helpless about the future. These people may also be human fatalists who believe that humans are causing the end of the world and cannot stop it. Many people are concerned about the impact of human activity on earth’s climate. However, ecophobic individuals believe the destruction of humanity is the only way to save it. It is controversial and may not be shared by all those who are concerned about climate change. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josiah Terrell)
  • Fucking stupid, not wanting to enter your house. Fuck it, you’d rather stay on the mother-fucking side or the mother-fucking street than be in your own house. You want food? FUCK NO, you’d rather grab some gum from the street and have it all day. You don’t want to be without something, so go find the nearest bar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruby Wall)