dutty wine means: This dance is very popular in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The dance is mostly performed by women and involves the movement of the legs in a circular motion, while swinging the neck to the beat. American girls prefer to do a full-split and then bounce back and forth while moving their neck on the beat. This dance is more effective for girls with longer hair. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zoe Livingston)

What else does dutty wine mean?

  • It is a dance that was originated in Jamaica. You move your legs in a circular motion, and your head swings around. If you are able to perform it correctly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovan Carey)
  • West Indian dance in which you drink wine, move your legs as a butterfly and turn your neck to the beat. Most commonly danced to the tune “Dutty Wine” by Tony Matterhorn. (in Community Dictionary, added by ZacerElapse)