Durfing means: Combining the words Surfing and Denim, Durfing can be described as combining the two. This is a shared act that involves two people, who try to be affectionate but remain abstinent. They may be trying to make a lot of fun, but they might not realize it. It’s common for teenagers to have fun with it, even if they’re not ready to be kids. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Barrera)

What else does Durfing mean?

  • Masturbating is the act of masturbating when one’s head is against a wall. It is the art of gracefully avoiding semen during ejaculation. Oregon is a common sport. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brayden Trujillo)
  • A feeling of extreme hunger. It is when you wake up knowing that water is important but feeling like you won’t get enough. Durfing can often lead to hunger towards the end. You can’t eat food you have ordered because it will make you vomit. It is quite common to have a two-day durf if you are very drunk on the night prior. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hamza Kelly)
  • Dry humping is a common practice among mormon girls. Blue balls are often used on the part the man and guilty consciences in the role of the woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abdullah Blankenship)
  • Dry humping is the act of making out while mingling, usually between normal mormons in Provo, Utah. One common hookup between mormon millenials is to make out while durfing, also known as “dick surfing”, at a spot like the Y Parking Lot or Squaw Peak. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nigel Simmons)