Dunkaroo means: To lick furiously. The same technique was used to remove extra frosting from Dunkaroos containers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Columba Márquez)

What else does Dunkaroo mean?

  • A 4-step activity that involves two people and includes a cooler filled with ice water as well as a can of beer. Step 1: Submerge head of Dunkaroo recipient in cooler with ice water. Step 2: Dunkaroo Doer hits the recipient in the face with a knife and gives them a beer Step 3: The Dunkaroo recipient drinks beer, using the shotgun method Step 4: Scuzz. (in Community Dictionary, added by Severino Ortiz)
  • A man or woman dips their head in the cold waters of a tub. He is supported by two close friends. When the water becomes numb, he will then whip his head from the tub and shoot a root beer soda. Shotgun is a rewarding and easy task because of the rush. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tobías Reyes)