Dumbinicans means: A majority of Hispanics hail from the Dominican Republic. They are largely doltish and half-witted, with a feeble mind. Driving taxis or buses, and any other public transport with no regard for traffic laws are some of the most notorious jobs. These people are proud, unimaginative and the creators of “Bachata”, “Merengue”, and other musical styles. They can’t go five minutes without hearing it. They are arrogant and possessive, and tend to be narcissistic, especially in the younger generations, where they spend most of the time drinking tomato juice, smoking hookah and boasting about how much money they have made at imaginary jobs. Women often look very beautiful and have a lot of body fat. However, they are more likely to suffer from acne due to the amount of salami, fried plantain, and other junk food they eat. Their accent is so horrible that it can be only appreciated by moronic and ignorant people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Enrique Berg)