Dulp means: 1. An expression used to identify someone after an awkward moment or other personal situation. When the situation is sexually or embarrassing, this word is used. Use DULP It’s most efficient to use DULP when other members of the room also recognize the discomfort or the owe of the situation. If the others in the room laugh at your DULP, you will know that it was successful. It is okay to say DULP alone. You can use it alone if you are in a delicate awkward situation where a DULP may be necessary. You can also use DULP to deal with strangers in awkward situations. i.e. A PDA. You should not say DULP directly when speaking to strangers. Instead, speak it slowly enough that friends and family can hear you saying it. Even if you don’t have any friends with you at the moment, you might say DULP gently to yourself to let you laugh. To correctly say DULP, you need to use a reserved tone and a slightly raspy voice. The DULPER A person who uses DULP to call out someone who is creating a slight awkward moment. The DULPED This is the person currently feeling owned after being called with DULP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Barrera)