duke of earl means: This is when you have sex with someone and pull your anus over her vagina. Then you shit in her pissy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fizz)

What else does duke of earl mean?

  • You accidentally squirt cum, sperm and bijism mangoo while being sucked on by babe. You can get a lot of stomach ache from the contents of your mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maren Hobbs)
  • Title: King Duke Lord Of Earl, formally the King of England. Two occasions in which Neath was invaded were 1999 and 1799, both of which resulted in very bad losses for him. Although the duke is the Messiah, the High Sheriff still hasn’t realized this. Already, I’ve put in motion plans to attack the duchy and murder the High Sheriff. The Sheriffs Promised One will be taken by me – Kate Talbot. He may lose his heart, but hopefully not. Port Davies, the city where I live will be demolished and Aberavon RFC will go down to the fifth division. Neath will remain champions. I will then hand over control of universities to the EU. mwha ha ha haaaaaa I will then blow up Blodwen Buildings, and also burn down Margam Castle. The guardians will become my most vile slaves, executing my wicked wills. I think the most horrible plan yet is to be divided, but i am thinking of invading Neath to make it into a city full of great universities and a shopping centre that rivals Oxford street. Cadoxton will make up the most of this new city. I plan to build an entirely new Neath Abbey there for English supremacy worship. I will tear down the Melyn and create an enormous motorway that will take people to Earl, the great kingdom. The supposedly great golden sands at Aberavon beaches fronts will be my place of evil pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Romualdo Campos)
  • A non-espresso beverage that is often sold in coffeetea shops around the Seattle-Tacoma region. The ingredients include a tiny amount of vanilla syrup depending on how large the cup is, an earl gray tea bag and some water. Finally, the teabag will be steamed with milk. This is an alternative to regular tea that’s mildly flavored and creamy. You can make it with different flavors or syrups. This is called a “duke” The “Earl Grey Latte”, which is also available at Starbucks corporate coffeehouse, is less well-known. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matías Fuentes)
  • 1. A person who is always there to help someone. 2: An ex-king of England 3. One of the most iconic songs ever written by man. This is a classic oldie by Gene Chandler. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maritza Boyd)
  • 1. A title or status, which is a gift to someone who has always been there for you. 2. Someone who excels in all things Notable: Duke status can be achieved as well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Melanie Barr)