droplifted means: Droplifted Besides leaving merchandise at a shop, droplifing can also include coupons. These coupon codes may be discreetly placed near the product affected by the coupon. While it is a terrible thing to droplift expired coupons, you can leave them if they expire on the day that you droppedlift them. Droplifting tends to be a male activity, but it is not the only one. This is a very polite, appreciated and valued practice that’s common in the Upper South (i.e. It is a polite and appreciated practice that’s common in the Upper South, i.e. Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. This is more common in stores offering double coupon redemption, such as Kroger or Meijer, than it is at Walmart. It is more common for stores to have super-double coupon redemption days or weeks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Mora)