Dragoning means: It is the act of hoarding money so much that it could be called “dragon’s gold”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camilla Perez)

What else does Dragoning mean?

  • Passionately, affectionately and lovingly rub your head against someone’s shoulder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madalynn Palmer)
  • Publicly vomiting is characterized by a flapping motion with the arms. This invokes either the image of a dragon breathing fire or vomit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Barbate)
  • Intercourse is the act of pulling your bedsheets backwards and flapping them as wings, while screaming, DRAGONS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luciano Pastor)
  • It is similar to owling and planking, but dragoning was first developed in Ontario. One must pretend that they are able to breathe fire on an object in order to dragon. To make fire, one must pose next to an object and take a photo of themselves. Later, the picture will be edited so that it appears as though they are actually exhaling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Nash)