dqn means: The sound effect that causes a heart to pound is abbreviated as “dokyuun”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Margarita Bravo)

What else does dqn mean?

  • It is an internet term for “dokyun” that originated from 2ch.net, which was a Japanese BBS. Although it is most commonly used to mean dumbass, or an idiot, the term can also refer to violent, rough and uncultured people, as well as those who are socially inferior. It was once 2channel slang. However, it is now more widely used and even found on English-language discussion boards. Trivia, for anyone who’s curious, culled from ja.wikipedia.org and d.hatena.ne.jp Mamii Itshida is believed to have been the first to use the term. He was an anonymous internet personality active from 1998 to 2000. The term originated in “Mokugeki Dokyun”, a Japanese television show that ran from the spring 1994 through summer 2002. It showed the sad lives of those who were “yankee delinquents”, high school dropouts and such like in their youth. The title of the television show did not include the “DQN”. Recently, “DQN Kigyou” dokyun corporations has been used in Japan to refer to companies that pay overtime unpaid and exploit their workers. These companies can also be called “burakku-kigyou”, black corporations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolby Brooks)