dooze means: Slang terms that originate in the shire. A synonym of amazing, awesome, or “dude” (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Maxwell)

What else does dooze mean?

  • Verb. Insufflating, sniffing and snorting different types of powdered or crushed narcotics. The most common drug is cocaine, however, other types of drugs such as oxycontin and ecstasy are also available. The tools for dooze usually include a straw or bill for “doozing”, as well as a mirror and/or cd case to crush or chop the drink. Teenagers who love to doze in Niagara Falls, Canada created this word. It was initially created to make sure no one knew what it meant, but eventually became a common term for the entire city. You might be able to find the originator by asking around. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Fisher)
  • Marijuana. It can be used as both a noun or a verb. This verb is used to mean “to smoke cannabis.” The verb is derived from the rhyme “booze & dooze”, which describes succinctly an evening of marijuana and alcohol consumption. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejandra Brewer)
  • It is commonly used by the African American community. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlee Willis)
  • Originaly dominic but now anyone who consumes booze of any type converts it to dooze. This is due to the fact that they are infected with mouth herpies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jingoism)
  • A slang term that refers to defecating or giving a damn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laney Schultz)
  • Doozy is short for “doozey”. plural: Doozes Something that’s intense. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tomalley)