Dooka means: A nice way to call someone stupid. A person who doesn’t know how to close blinds, or what recipes are. You are basically completely clueless about the world. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anne Pitts)

What else does Dooka mean?

  • Noun – An acronym that refers to guns. (in Community Dictionary, added by Blas Álvarez)
  • A synonym for excrement, feces or poop. It is usually spelled with 15 “o”s, but it can be abbreviated if necessary. Dooka is often used to insult pedestrians passing cars. Pronounced “Ndeek” or “Doka” or “Dak” or “Doooooooooooooooka”. This name is a result of Will, an immortal giner pants moron. (in Community Dictionary, added by John Rice)