Donkus means: Donkus can be used to refer to someone who does a very stupid thing. This term is often used to describe males but can also be used against females. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelly Sharp)

What else does Donkus mean?

  • Simple-minded, simple-minded meathead. The lummox is similar in size to him, however, he has many positive traits. He is often kept with others to enjoy the hi-jinx his natural nature brings. Mixes well with dingus (in Community Dictionary, added by Yareli Potter)
  • A penis that is larger than average in size. This can be used to wake up sleepingpassed-out male friends or family members. The group of donkus friends are familiar with it. It is a part of the group dynamics and can always be found “up” to a good chuckle, despite its bad reputation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Geovanni Benton)
  • His penis is large, and he’s tall. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adón Méndez)