Donkey Dong means: Donkey Dong aka DD Noun – A very thin penis but very hairy. It looks almost like you are a donkey kong. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cullen Clay)

What else does Donkey Dong mean?

  • The game gays play is named after its heterosexual counterpart “thumb wrestling”. Donkey Dong has a surface that is equal to the total length of both participants’ penises, plus 4″ inches. The players begin by putting two penises together with 2 inches overlap. The two opponents will compete to be the first to reach the top. They want to bind their opponent’s penis to the table, so that it cannot move to either the right or the left. The title “Donkey Dong” is given to the winner after an opponent has been pinned for three counts. An immediate loss is caused by pulling the penis towards the owner under a pin. An immediate loss occurs if the opponent loses an erection. He no longer has an opportunity to pin him. During the competition, players are not allowed to move their bodies, hands or use other objects. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ghostwriter)
  • Large penis, a penis that resembles a donkey’s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gadzooks)
  • Bratwurst is a large sausage, usually larger than a wiener and a banger. Sauerkraut that has not been spotted dick is often served. Enjoy with a Weizenbier. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sebastián Morales)