dogism means: Urban dictionary; define dogism – Four-legged animals can worship a sacred bowl as a religion. Before the start of prayers, the people of four-legged animals place dried bits of disgusting mush in the bowl. Praying services include chewing terrible mush and being enthusiastic about the services. Dogism is a practice that manipulates humans to endless amounts of belly rubs and infinite butt, BUTT, BUTTs. It also involves the absurd game of catch. All this is done to honor and worship the Giant Bone Creator. An adherent to dogism will, in addition the prayer and enslavement will, fight Satan via winged creatures who poop on porches or enter humans’ bedrooms. Another sign of pioty is to adorn the human girlfriend more than anything else. Dogism is lazy, which makes it blasphemous to have to pay or work for their existence in the world. Anti Dogism is a refusal to have a four-legged creature in your heart eye Emoji. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Sáez)

What else does dogism mean?

  • Dogism refers to a faith that follows the dog’s code. It is easy to understand: “If you don’t like it or can’t fuck with it, piss it.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oscar Benítez)