Dissociative Identity Disorder means: DID can be a complicated and rare condition that involves more than one person within you. This may not be obvious to you, and other people can tell you about your identities. Every identity has their own way of thinking and acting, which may differ from yours. Each personality is responsible for your thoughts and behaviours at any given time. A mental state in which you are unable to connect with your thoughts, feelings or identity is called dissociation. DID can be caused by many factors, although mental health professionals believe that childhood trauma is the main cause. Trauma causes the child “disconnect” with what’s happening during times of stress. Trauma may include repeat emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. This usually occurs before the child reaches five years old. During this time, there are no adults who can provide safety or comfort. For most of their lives, children remain disconnected into adulthood. As they try to understand the world, this can cause other issues. DID can lead to depression, mood swings and anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patrick Wilcox)

What else does Dissociative Identity Disorder mean?

  • A misunderstood mental disorder in which one thinks they have alters or other people living within their mind. These people will often lose control over their alters and blackout when they take power. They can take on different forms, such as different voices or dominant side, different positions, and different voices. This order is usually developed by people who don’t know how to handle abuse and suppress too many emotions, often as children. NOTICE: The things these people think are happening inside their heads is actually what’s happening inside their heads. These people can’t manage what is happening, and many would be able to get rid of it if they could. AKA D.I.D. For those who have to live with this disorder, Alters will FUCK ALL THINGS UP. My ex-husband has D.I.D. My ex has D.I.D. Because I would not have sex, he did it..well they..so yes..pretty fucked. This DISORDER IS GENUINELY TRULY SUCKS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evelyn Mooney)
  • Formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder. Complex dissociative disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, is the result of having two or more personality states and amnesia. Every personality is an individual and can have its own name, history, and other characteristics. Currently, it is believed DID arises from structural dissociation. Humans below the age of 9 years old do not possess a coherent or stable selfpersonality. Instead, they have separate parts. Parts of us have a need for love and food. There are also parts that feel sad. Babies can go from crying to laughing within seconds. These parts and our experience will merge into one person when we are around 7-9 years old. If a child has suffered repeated trauma and is not able to establish stable relationships with parents, siblings, or other primary caregivers, the brain may create amnesic walls. These walls stop the personality from merging and prevent it from experiencing the horrible things. People with DID, contrary to media portrayals and popular opinion, aren’t dangerous or evil. These individuals are often traumatized and more likely than others to harm themselves. Many have lived happy, prosperous lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laylah Ruiz)
  • DID, also known as multiple personality disorder or split personality, is a serious mental illness that causes two distinct personality types. These personalities can create completely different memories and have entirely different characteristics. Commonly mistaken for schizophrenia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerimiah Pratt)
  • Multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder A rare condition that lacks a comprehensive and clear identity. In the same person, two or more distinct personalities can develop. NOT the “pretend of having multiple personalities in order to seize attention and sympathy.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Carissa Blanchard)
  • The recovered memory movement is a dubious diagnostic. DID refers to a behavior pattern that involves the learning of new identities. This includes psychologically damaged “inner kids”. They are believed to be the result of repressed childhood participation in child porn rings or mind control experiments. In the majority of cases, the creation of characters is a part of the abuse story. Memorypersonality creation is usually done by a charismatic and sympathetic therapist. However, it may also take place in groups on the internet with self-help groups or within other survivors. This process can be compared to a cult because participants tend not to contact their former relatives or friends who doubt the direction of therapy but instead build bonds with recovered memory survivors. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Garrett Best)