disagree means: 1. You can express or have a differing opinion. He said that “noone was prepared to disagree” Synonyms: find a way to disagree, fail to reach agreement, have a disputecontention; more antonyms: agree Disapprove. “She disagreed with apartheid’s system” Synonyms for: disagree with, disapprove, oppose and dissent from. They disagreed with American policies antonyms: agree 2. inconsistent statements and accounts fail to match. “Results that are not in agreement with what has been reported” Synonyms: be distinct, differ, or be like, and be different; more antonyms: agree The adverse effects of climate or food on an experience, diet, and/or nutrition, are not uncommon. (in Community Dictionary, added by MattheusTonus)

What else does disagree mean?

  • It is possible to have an opinion different from the one you are currently holding. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It is impossible to not correspond. (in AZ Dictionary)