Dirty Thirty means: An oxycodone tablet containing thirty mg. It has been processed with unidentified chemicals. They are often cheaper than the oxycodone from a script because they have not been manufactured in an industrial presse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laila Buck)

What else does Dirty Thirty mean?

  • This drinking game originated in the Upstate NYCapital District. Played just before heading to bars or clubs A.K.A. Pre-game drinking or pre-gaming RULES: Each participant must drink a full shot of beer each minute. The game can be used to quickly get “buzz “…” but it is difficult for others due to constant small amounts of alcohol and the timing of beer aeration. For a more detailed version, see “Power Hour” (in Community Dictionary, added by Trent Hoffman)
  • Thirty packs of Miller High Life cans. (in Community Dictionary, added by Parker Kennedy)
  • One person lies in sex pre-anal position and opens their mouth while another friend pours two shots of tequila into the empty space. The shots are held inside the rectum for thirty minutes. After that, the partner places his/her lips around the anus of the other person as they pour the diahquila into the welcoming mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylin Watkins)
  • Keystone Light beer in a case. The beverage is popular at college and high school parties due to its low cost compared with other beer. Dirty Thirty was a term that refers to the lackluster, if not even “dirty”, taste of the beer and the 30 cans included in each package. Even though it has its flaws, drunkards from all over the United States of America are happy to pay less for their beer than the price paid by shitfaced s.t.s. ratio scale to ensure that the latter number is possible at a cheaper price. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyric Berry)
  • Masterbation is a 30-minute power nap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rafael Stewart)
  • A woman turns 30 when she becomes an insatiable Nymphomaniac. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyler Montes)