Dirty Muskie means: This is a slang term that refers to when you have sex from behind with a girl. You reach back and wipe you ass, then stick your fingers into her mouth like a fish hook. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucrecia Montoro)

What else does Dirty Muskie mean?

  • Verb. It is a sexual act that requires great effort and has high reputation. This happens when a man hides his friend in his bedroom with a camera. After identifying the girl, the man engages in sexual relations. The man starts to finger the girl while his buddy leaps from the closet at a predetermined time. While he is still keeping his fingers in the female’s vaginal area, the man hooks the female with one hand, and then lifts her in the air. The man then proceeded to cheese the camera and proudly displayed his female prize. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Stanley)