Dirty Monkey means: If someone scratches their head, then they pick their nose. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariyah Rice)

What else does Dirty Monkey mean?

  • The white trash white girls that Jerry Springer shows are basically white trash. They have tattoos of tramp stamps on their small backs, drink and party too often, and who could be really hot if they didn’t have a life full of drama and abuse. They are a party girl and will have sex all night with anyone who is interested. They are usually seen riding on the backs of Harleys and having sex in front of bars or lying down in corner corners. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anatolio Soto)
  • After having some sex, you can skeet her face and take a few pre-shaved pubes out of the bedside. You then rub them all over her face and yell “DIRTY MONEY!” This is a slightly difficult task because there is some preparation with a razor to ensure your pubes are ready for the moment. But don’t be discouraged, it is worth it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Andres Yang)
  • Dirty monkeys are those who will have a sex with anyone, anyplace, anytime and in any place. A dirty monkey will never say no to having sex with anyone, no matter what their partner is like. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demócrito Romero)
  • A girl lies down on her back, and the man squatscatchers. The guy silently throws his hand in front of her, while yelling and thrusting like a monkey. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Rios)
  • A malefemale who hangs from a high bar and hits into the mouth of another person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Howard Golden)