dirty jersey means: Mixed drink that is best enjoyed at house parties. The best mix of all liquors is to use at most one glass. To taste, add beer. Continue to add beer as the night progresses. You’ll find it more gross and less enjoyable as the evening goes on. It is best to be consumed in Jersey but it can also be taken anywhere. If you do not vomit, the prize is yours. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zygomatic)

What else does dirty jersey mean?

  • Unprotected sexual interaction between a male and a woman of sub-par status is called “Unprotected Sexual Intercourse.” However, when the man pulls out his penis, he’s wearing a rubber made from old-dirty condoms found in the women’s vagina. This phenomenon can be described as a fight between penis and vagina. It is similar to a hockey match where one of the two sides wears a condom while the other side has the penis. (in Community Dictionary, added by María Díaz)
  • You must possess the ability to stretch a dirty shirt. Put your penis in a girl’s butt, and then stretch it out through her stomach. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fabio Álvarez)
  • Dirty Jersey means you’re fucking another girl from behind as she toss it into the trashcan. Jersey girls are notorious for their trashy acts and this is the best way to perform it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Godofredo González)
  • Some parts of south jersey, such as camden and atlantic city. Some parts of the north jersey. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fez)
  • 1. It is a role for coins that has been wrapped in electric tape. This can be used to combat. It is a common weapon in New Jersey and hence the name. 2. This term is used to describe northern New Jersey and the New Jersey shore. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Silva)
  • This term is used to refer to the most desirable parts of New Jersey. It includes Elizabeth, Newark and PARTS OF North Jersey 201. Middle class, white middle-class kids in suburban NJ or Sussex County love to claim they’re from the Dirty Jerz. We are sorry to break your bubble kids, but… (in Community Dictionary, added by Mollie Robertson)