Dipster means: A hipster is someone who used to be hipster but before that was trendy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gibbous)

What else does Dipster mean?

  • The ‘hipster,’ someone who is so bizarrely shaped that you have to combine the words “dork” and “hipster” to create the term “dipster”. They are often old-fashioned, wear tight, plaid-colored pants and have strange hairstyles. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Torres)
  • DIPster is a damn fascinating person that others love because of their life, lifestyle and hobbies. DIPster is an acronym for Damn Inspiring Person. The suffix -ster was used to create the noun that is associated with this group of damn fascinating people. It counters the meanings of stupid and dip. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keith Montgomery)
  • The connoisseur for the most recent dips. Ironically, when hipsters appear frequently on Facebook or Some Awful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carlos David)
  • A person who pretends to be cool, but in reality is a total idiot. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keith Montgomery)
  • Someone who thinks it is hip to be a hipster. Although they won’t refer to themselves or their actions as being one, this person is trying. You can often find him wearing an ironic novelty shirt, tank or super-v from Urban Outfitters. He also wears 80s hi-tops and acid-washed skinny Jeans. Habitat: This Dipster can be found in Brooklyn and New York City, where they frequent music venues, bars, and bookstores that sell PBR. You can find them wandering through Urban Outfitters and American Apparel as well as record shops and high-priced vintage shops. Derivation: “Dipshit” + “Hipster” = Dipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Soto)