diplomacy means: A bullshit agreement that is later broken. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximus Roth)

What else does diplomacy mean?

  • Refrain from slapping someone on the face or screaming “Liar!” Here’s a quote by Susie Madrak (aka Urban Guerrilla), as published at Crooks Liars. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cash House)
  • Vague threats are balanced with obscure promises and photo-ops. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)
  • Avalon Hill’s board game is a great mix of strategy, tactics and negotiation. And, best of all, backstabbing. Each player can play in any of the seven pre-WWII European countries. The goal is to win all 7 and then take control. The gameplay is a mix of Risk and chess. Because of its map-based and multi-player aspect, Risk is more risky than chess. Chess has a simpler set of rules, but the strategies can be quite complex. Diplomacy, which is similar to chess in popularity, can also be played by-email. Backstabs are often abbreviated to “stab.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillbilly)
  • 1. The ability to say something that makes you mad and have them agree with your explanations. 2. Knowing how to make it sound as though you are agreeing with someone else’s view, while still being able to communicate your point of view. (in Community Dictionary, added by Juliana Fitzpatrick)
  • Ability to shout “Good dog!” while reaching out for a stick to beat it down. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathon Blake)
  • A person telling another to go to hell so that they are looking forward to it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscilla Dean)
  • International relations are the art and practice of negotiating treaties, alliances, or agreements. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Skills and tact in dealing with others. (in AZ Dictionary)