Digitech means: Digital technology is also known as digital photography. (in Community Dictionary, added by Virilocal)

What else does Digitech mean?

  • Digital Technician. The person who is responsible for digital equipment, such as the camera or the back of the camera on a photoshoot. The person responsible for the digital equipment is the one who imports the images and controls the exposure and white balance. They also oversee color management on monitors and printers. A Mac Pro running Capture One is the most popular setup. However, Adobe Lightroom or Hasselblad Pocus can also be used if Capture One does not support tethered capture. They deal more frequently with Capture One’s irritating habit of constantly crashing, fix camera issues for people between shots, change the settings quietly from their computer if someone bumps into something, and work long hours after a shoot when an art director decides that she requires full-res JPGs rather than 1200x1800px JPGs. Even though minute details may not be important, the JPGs will still be printed at 1.5×1.5 inches in a newspaper flyer, which will then be thrown out by most people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexandra Mcmillan)