Didcot means: Didcot, a dull and boring town filled with Reading FC supporters and young offenders. This is a part of Oxfordshire where the most interesting things are happening. Oxonian It was the station that I would’ve forgotten about for a long time if not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eusebio Delgado)

What else does Didcot mean?

  • Oxfordshire, a town that EVERYONE passes by on the train. The area has seen a remarkable improvement in recent years with the new development of housing and a town center. We are still working to get rid of the …. chavs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omari Summers)
  • Perhaps the most vile town on the planet. Anyone who believes Didcot to be anything but a heap of penguin poo should be thrown into a huge penguin moshpit. He will then be crushed to death or eat to the bone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heath Webster)