dickgirls means: The Dickgirls can be described as “hentai girls” with penises. You can have them from birth or through magic. The balls-out Dickgirls are different, e.g. Normal male groin. You can find many artists online, as well as mangas and games that include dickgirls. Anything that is Dickgirl material can include: masturbation 1, sex with another malefemaledickgirl1x1, sex with another woman, fucking and being fucked as well as any other hentai like BBW or furry, tentacles and bondage. Futanari, or just futa is another common name. Dickgirl can also be referred to as media for dickgirls. One misconception is that this is gay. However, the vast majority of its users are straight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiara George)