Dickfish means: These tiny fish will make their home right in your peehole. (in Community Dictionary, added by Litzy Curtis)

What else does Dickfish mean?

  • A man who gives an exceptional performance in the first encounter sexually, and then continues with every encounter without foreplay or missionary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Camacho)
  • 1. A sometimes retardedweird, but extremely advanced person with strong sexual instincts. Rare species that can communicate via subconscious with other humans, this rare creature is able to walk on the ground and under water. Can walk long distances. Strong immune system 2. One who convicts themselves daily of financing euphoria to terrorists. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ann Bates)
  • A false dick pic is one that you send to a girl. It’s a way of trying to impress her and hopefully she won’t notice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Armani Randall)
  • A term used to describe blonde catfish caught in the Sacramento River Delta. They are often the same size as a good penis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vicenta Carmona)