Dick rider means: A nigga who stays on people is dick-hatin’ and shit. He doesn’t mind about his business, and he will jump on any dick if he can. He will often find a dick rider and try to prove everybody wrong, even though nobody is listening to him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolina Harrison)

What else does Dick rider mean?

  • A person who speaks well of another and never does anything wrong. It could refer to anyone. You don’t have to like or be loyal to the rider you dick. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenneth Floyd)
  • They won’t let you get up off your dick. They are there to take care of your dick. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mónica Vázquez)
  • The NJ slang term “dick rider” is the euphemism for a dick-rider. This is a term that refers to someone who constantly annoys or aggrites others. You would be constantly annoyed by them until you became mad. They do it to draw attention to themselves or others. You might find them annoying. You could have a group of dick riders. (in Community Dictionary, added by Archipelago)
  • Obsession with someone who doesn’t share the same feelings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brittany Scott)
  • A dick rider is a nigga who hops on hypetrainsbandwagons. Three years ago, no one paid much attention to golden state woriors. They are now a household name. Seahawks are a huge ass team. From 2011+, Niggas was hopping on the they dick. 1 more exapmle in XXXtentacion. Nobody fucked with this nigga on souncloud, but everyone started to fuck with him soon after some youtube shit hit it. Then, niggas began to fuck with him heavy and shit. This niggas is now summining demods and it’s so funny that i am wondering if anyone else will do the same. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmelo Parra)