Diaper Butt means: A thot has butt implants so large that it looks like the thighs are about to snap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Markus Cannon)

What else does Diaper Butt mean?

  • The girl who has a soggy pizza dough belly… looks like she is wearing a diaper. (in Community Dictionary, added by Talia Sloan)
  • How a man’s stomach looks when they pull their pants down. This is another reason to wear pants correctly. This gives the impression that the player is urinating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Selena Henry)
  • Bulky backside of a woman that looks like she is wearing a diaper. This is usually caused by large, bulky, or excessively large, underwear. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maryjane Castro)
  • N. Pants with a sagging area in the butt, resulting in what looks like a diaper-like appearance. Exceeding fabric at the butt, which is not covered by the butt. Girls who don’t have butt often experience this problem. They wear pants that are too tight for their bodies. They are usually made of cotton and not fitted. The most common side effect of diaper butt is self-consciousness, embarrassment and shame. Diaper butt can be very unattractive and not desired. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugenia Crespo)
  • A person who has butt implants too large for their body can look as if they’re wearing a diaper. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Shelton)
  • N. The fabric of the jeans’ butt is stretched and doesn’t fit tightly anymore. This is also known as “diaper bump” due to its baggy appearance. It’s similar to a diaper stuffed with poop. Swimsuits can also be subject to the term (in Community Dictionary, added by Dingy)