Diamond Crip means: Fresno’s gang that has never been seen. They are placed in protective custody when they reach the pen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esdras González)

What else does Diamond Crip mean?

  • Six Deuce Diamond Crips, also known as Diamond Crips, are considered to be the oldest and most prominent crip gangs in Northern California. They were one of the first Crip Gangs beyond the Los Angeles region. Fresno is where they are from. You can still find traces of the gang in Lowell (Massachusetts) and Portland (Oregon). The Diamond Crips used to be known as the Diamond Boyz in earlier years. The merger was initiated by a young man from L.A. who was affiliated to the EastsideEast Coast Crips. In the latter part of the 70’s the Diamond Crip Gang was formed. Numbers 6 and 2, which are a tribute to 62nd Street, were chosen by this gang because they were the ones responsible for making Diamonds into Crips. They now belong under the East Coast Crip umbrella. Diamond Crip began to feel the need for self-identification as the only entity crip group that was operating under the Northern California Card Set. They separated from the Southern California counterpart. The alphanumeric symbol 62 was used interchangeably with the initials “FB”, Fresno Boyz. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leon Woods)
  • The No-Town Area Fresno Crip Gang is the 1st crip gang. Its members can be seen all over town wearing blue, or at least a blue rag. The number 62six-deuce is the sixth and the second letters of the alphabet. F and B are Fucc 6loods. Diamonds can be found on the East, West and North sides. They will “deuce up” one another differently depending on which side they are from. Diamond members usually have their 6locc, or 6ang. Slang terms like “deuces”, “diamonds”, and “D’zz” are used. They also use “D’zz”, which is slang for “deuces”. Ccuz, Diamonds and Ccuz make up the majority of the crips around No-Town. (in Community Dictionary, added by Colin Berger)