Diabetes means: You are unlucky if you have a type 1. You will be able to shave your legs or go wherever insulin is being taken every day if you take it daily. It is a popular topic for jokes. You can laugh at the pain if you are honest. It’s basically a condition where the pancreas of your body dies, regardless of whether you ask God for help. If i question my parents about why god chose me to be his child they reply: “oh honey honey, i don’t know if it will get worse later in life. But if I pray to god. NOW, GO TO FUCKING CHURCH. My advice is to have a great day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rohan Campbell)

What else does Diabetes mean?

  • It is mine. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)
  • Type 1 diabetes is different from type 2. Type 1 refers to a malfunctioning pancreas and type 2, which is when your body is overweight and causes health problems. I find it really frustrating when people tell me that diabetes is caused by being overweight while we watch a class health video. My friends and family have all seen me with diabetes and they judge me. It is important for people to understand this. This subject requires more education. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jalen Garrett)
  • Diabetes can make you irritable and cuss excessively. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alina Eaton)
  • Insulin deficiency is a condition where the pancreas produces little to no insulin. This hormone lowers blood sugar levels. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julián Márquez)
  • Not having Diabetes does not necessarily mean that you’re fat or don’t need insulin. It is possible to be extremely thin but still need insulin. This depends on how insulin is used by your body. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Díaz)
  • A rare disease that causes you to lose part of your pancreas. To get your glucose monitor, you will need to have your hands prick daily. There are two options: you can take insulin at every meal or use an insulin pump that continuously pumps insulin to your body. It’s great because you have it on your side 24 hours a day. Teachers and children can also make fun of the pump at school. People who have diabetes love to ask questions such as “CAN YOU HAVE SUAGR?” or “OMG, CATCH DIABETES?” They love hearing that Nick Jonas also has diabetes. It’s a great way for them to relate. Some of the more serious symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and even double vision. If your blood sugar is low enough, it can cause lightheadedness and shaking, which could make you feel like you are going to faint. Badass diseases such as BLINDNESS and HEART DISEASE can also be caused by diabetes. The EPIC WIN in Diabetes (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo León)