Dew-rag means: True dew-rags are made of one length of cloth, which is then cut in a triangle. It is worn on the neck and tied behind the ears. You must make it by an Infantryman, Infantry Veteran, or wear it by an Infantryman/Infantry Veteran. Otherwise it will be called a skullcap. To protect your head against dew from outside, use a sweat rag or a cleaning cloth. They also provide cushioning and protection from helmet creases. They can be worn by Infantry veterans to honor their service. They can also be worn by others to support the Veteran or Infantryman who made them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Mora)

What else does Dew-rag mean?

  • The female equivalent to morning wood except that she is on her period. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amara Holden)