detonating gonaditis means: N. is the medical term for an explosion of testicle. The disease can be divided into Acute Regional Gonadotrophic Hernioma (ARGH), which is less severe, and Osteoulcerative Coonic Hernioma OuCH, which is more serious. This is characterised by the swelling of one or several testicles, and severe pain in the groin. It can be accompanied by lethargy and insomnia. In some cases it may even lead to severe flatulence. While not life-threatening immediately, it is possible for the gonads to continue swelling until they are forced to sit down. Eventually, the gonads may burst and emit an audible popping sound. The second type of disease is when the gonads explode spontaneously without warning. This can prove to be more traumatizing for patients psychologically than the physical. The rapid pressure released can inflict severe injury on vital organs. This could lead to an immediate coma or death. Detonating Gonaditus is responsible for more deaths each year than those who are struck by cars. Each form of detonating gonadotrophism is thought to be linked to both environmental and genetic factors. The risk that a person will develop the disease later in life is close to 100 if they have the condition. The risk factors for the disease are also increased by drinking and smoking. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charles Osborne)