delulu means: If you are twice a fan of an idol, try to add TWICE to the title. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)

What else does delulu mean?

  • Delulu, a slang term for delusional and is often used by KPOP fanatics. This is not used to diagnose mental disorders, but rather for pointing out insane fans. A fan who starts fantasizing sexually about an idol and starts to write fanfics about it is considered delusional. One example of this is when people start to believe they can have a chance in a particular idol or replace an official group title with another. This is what you’d call someone “delulu”. A third meaning for those who suffer from delusions is if they are suffering from mental disorders or a disorder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roselyn Harrington)
  • They were the first to use blackpink in Blinks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lena Turner)
  • Sometimes sarcastic, but mostly humorous way to say “Delusional” in fandoms. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anatolio Rubio)
  • Fangirlboy delusional who thinks they will end up in love with their idol. They may even spend a lot of energy and time on it. The following fandoms have high levels of delulus: One Direction, Justin Bieber, and other Kpop fans. The vast majority are teenager girls and their emotional maturity is often below zero. They cannot even imagine their idols feeling human emotions. Delulus are vicious and attack anyone who criticizes their biased celebrity. Not to be confused with reality, Delulus can also struggle to separate fantasy and reality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clinton Duke)