delicate means: Because it’s so great, Taylor Swift song that you will remember in the morning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Burke)

What else does delicate mean?

  • It is a delight to the senses and especially subtle. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It is easy to break or be damaged. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Beautifully delicate or elegant: synonym : Beautiful . (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Health and constitution problems. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Sensitivity to discrimination is a hallmark of this class. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It is very subtle to distinguish between the two. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Showing or having great care. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It requires careful and tactful care. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • You can be fine or delicate in your touch and skill. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Measurement, indicating, or responding to small changes; exact. (in AZ Dictionary)