delectable means: It’s delicious when something tastes so delicious that it is delectable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenyon Hayden)

What else does delectable mean?

  • It is a delight to eat, especially when it’s so relaxing. To the palate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rugousph1912)
  • Amazing in flavor, Suculant with taste to bring you greater pleasure while eating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Taylor Vincent)
  • 1. It is very pleasing for the taste buds 2. A player in the 2d online spaceship game, Continuum. Real name: Brad Williams. Notorious for his repeated cheating and offending staff in the zone. SSCU Trench Wars. One-time TWLB champion as “rushed”. He has led many Subspace squads including Task, Drastic and Divine. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexus Curry)
  • There are many meanings to this word. I’ll elaborate. 1. This usually means that it is pleasing to the palate. It can also be translated as “Wow, honey.” The meat loaf was positively delicious. Sometimes, it is simply called ‘Delectable.’ However, the meaning remains unchanged. The meaning is: “Wow Michelle, these cookies are delicious.” 2. Also, the word “delectable” can refer to very good, great, amazing, sweet, wicked, sick, or groovy. Delectable is basically an expression of goodness. Example. Trey said, “Dude Vire! I just pwned some idiots.” Vire: “Delectable” Also, it can be used and often is in a humorous way. For example… Ryan:’Hah, dude. Your ass just got kicked. JL:’Delect, Ry. ‘. (in Community Dictionary, added by Payten Madden)
  • Delicious and very pleasing to the palate. synonym : delicious . (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It is very pleasing and delightful. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Attractive or sexually appealing. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Delicieux or delightful. (in AZ Dictionary)