delco tuxedo means: The delco-tuxedo, a style of dress that is popularized in Delaware County, is found east of Springfield, south of Drexel Hill. Although it isn’t as widespread in the north, you can still see them in some parts of Havertown and hardmore. It is best to wear a tuxedo depending on the season. SpringSummer Delco tuxedo with Notre Dame Fighting Irishman at right calf. Also available in Timberland Boots and Jordan Brand Sliders. Typically, they are Carolina Blue, Beater, baggy, or Catholic grade school teshirts. a St. Eugene alumnus. The FallWinter Delco Tuxedo features baggy sweatpants that are usually a medium, but never heather, grey-also and spitter, respectively. Bonner Rugby Sweatshirt has the green stench and Timberland Boots, although a pair of Jordan Brand shoes can be used if it is not snowing. Delco tuxedo should not be confused with the delco sunday top, which is a completely different but similar style of raiment. In protestant areas of Delaware County, which are primarily those that can be reached via Lancaster Avenue and other routes, the inter-ac tutuedo is the predominant style of dress. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyanne Valentine)