delco minute means: The term delcominute refers to the time period between January 10th and February 1st in Delaware County. A delcominute lasts longer than the new york minute. Some people even claim it lasts a lifetime, contrary to popular belief. Each winter, 8th-graders in Delaware County face the daunting decision of which high school to attend. Some families have financial constraints that make public schools necessary. For many others, however, young people in the county must make a decision before the delco minute ends. They can either enroll at an inter-ac or go the traditional route with a Catholic education. When parents send a deposit to their local private school or complete the paperwork for public school, the delco minute is over. The months before a delco moment can be stressful. St. Joseph’s Prep is becoming more selective and rejects many applicants in recent years. Some kids may be forced to enroll at lower schools such as Monsignor Bonner or Malvern Prep after the 10th of January. A J Crew Catholic is when a student cannot get into The Prep and enrolls at Malvern. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eliezer Rojas)