DEDRIC means: SUPER HOTT is trustworthy. Caring. Honest. Loyal. Knowledgeable about how to care for your buisness. Because his body is his temple, he knows how to care for it. He can be compared with the female NIKKI for his sexiness. The only female NIKKI who can handle his entire MANHOOD is the NIKKI. Both have many common characteristics and belong together. If they are in the same place, everyone will also know. DEDRIC can only handle a NIKKI NYMPHOMANIAC. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pranav Cortez)

What else does DEDRIC mean?

  • A person who doesn’t seem to care. Dedric has a big heart, but is very sarcastic. They are often quiet when they’re not around familiar people. These people enjoy drinking alcohol and can sometimes have a wicked sense of humor. They can be a blessing and a burden in your life. You have a good chance of them staying with you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Callie Chavez)