deconstitution means: Political stategy used to reduce or limit the enforcement of constitution provisions that provide greater freedom, liberty and rights. This is done by selectively applying the provisions that are designed to protect minorities’ rights and those who are disadvantaged as well as the basic freedoms for all. It is also a deliberate act to nominate judges who will remove or limit the protections of citizens’ rights by writing ridiculous strategic legal opinions and taking provisions out of their current context. special interests are able to pervert political, economic, and social justice. Technically this strategy of deconstitutionalizing government can be done legally by directly changing the constitution, however, it is rarely done, mainly because taking away constitutional rights is highly unpopular. In order to increase rights or eliminate loopholes, provisions often are included in the Constitution. The political strategy to deregister for evil purposes is called “deconstitution”. It’s similar to the policy of deregulation that allows negative externalities or consumer fraud, which can harm people and favor special interests. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jennifer Willis)