decagram means: The pentagram is a similar symbol to the hexagram or pentagram but with 10 sides. This symbol is used by many bands. There are many good and bad bands that use this symbol. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cara Nolan)

What else does decagram mean?

  • Referring to the Japanese Visual Kei Movement Decagrams are ten-pointed stars that look similar to pentagrams. You can draw it with one line like a pentagram or two interlocking pentagons. This is the OFFICIAL Symbol of Moi Dix Mois, led by Mana, who is a legend within the Visual Kei community. The band’s motto of Ten is derived from the French word “Dix”, which means “ten”. Some fans will be able to bear pendents with the decagram and say Dix when they talk about the band. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmelo Vega)
  • The metric unit for mass is 10 grams. (in AZ Dictionary)