Deathbat means: The Deathbat image is a skull with wings and it represents the Deathbat. Although it is most well-known as Avenged Sevenfold A7x’s logo, the Deathbat was actually used by Overkill as their mascot since 1980. Overkill fan anger is evident as A7x has been accused of stealing Overkill’s logo. Overkill even released T-Shirts with Deathbats on them, along with text that read, “This one’s yours… Make your own fucking Logo” Since images of bat-winged heads have been around for a long time, neither one band can claim it as theirs. The oldest known Deathbat is actually a statue of a bat-winged head over a Durham Cathedral doorway, built in between 1093 and 1133 AD. But it is stupid to say that A7x stole Overkill’s logo. The truth is, the logo does not have anything to do with the sound of the band, and it would be pointless for anyone to argue over which mascot was the best. It’s not common to see San Francisco Giants or the New York Giants fighting over which mascot was first. Avenged Sevenfold or Overkill, however, are great bands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Michelle Luna)

What else does Deathbat mean?

  • The deathbat is a symbol of avenged 7fold and its evilness. They love this symbol and think it’s great. Get it tattooed on your body and declare that you are a proud sevenfoldist. I am a sevenfoldist who strongly believes in sevenfoldism. (in Community Dictionary, added by Selena Henry)