David Cronenberg means: He is probably the most intelligent film director. In the 1970s, he made horror movies and in the 1980s, he started his “Cronenfilms”. It’s a way to show fake stuff but in an extremely neutral manner. A classic example is the scene from Videodrome, where a man cuts a stomach like a vagina and pokes at it using a gun while the camera watches. It’s almost an instructional film about “How to use Your New Organ”. Cronenfilm is all about showing, not judging. It doesn’t have to be exciting. Show what is really happening, even though it may not make sense. Scanners and Videodrome are the best films. A huge influence: Horror movies, esp. The Ring films and Sci-Fi esp. The Matrix films. The best time to view the Matrix movies is when you’re drunk or thinking about strange shit. Worst: When you are in the mood to have a romantic or action-packed time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicomedes García)