Daryl means: Badass Zombiewalker Slayer. Bow an Arrow shooting redneck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jayla Joyce)

What else does Daryl mean?

  • Daryl isn’t a boy name. It’s the name for a man. Manly. Daryl can be said as one word and is one syllable long. There is no Darrell business name that doesn’t sound like another. Dar may be abbreviated. Often misunderstood over the telephone as Darren. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tobías Román)
  • Daryl is intelligent, smart, kind, thoughtful, and a sweet boy. You can trust him, depend on him, and rely on his intelligence. Daryl is a true sweetheart, and will become one of your closest friends. In a positive way, he’s very different to other boys. He can treat girls well and know how to make them smile. His funny side is evident and he knows how to make people laugh. Daryl is a great person with a warm heart. Daryl is adorable and everything you need. You’ll be happy with him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phoebe Chen)